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    Innovation on Demand has been established to fetch innovation technologies bringing value to our life. With head office in London, UK, Innovation on Demand LLC brings latest invention that contributes into development of almost all fields of our life. The technology presented into a local market is unique and does not have alternatives for time being. A UK manufacturer at the forefront of display technology, focused on developing new and exciting ways to advertise and entertain. Image and communication are no longer just a desire - they've become a way of life.

    Our company possesses vast experience in the development and production of complex technological solutions. We work constantly on the continual improvement and optimization of our products and the creation of innovations through which we can offer our customers the competitive advantages emanating from clear technological leadership.

    We actively assume the role of our customers and thus develop attractive solutions, which clearly demonstrate stand-alone characteristics and therefore offer value added. We constitute an open, competent market partner that provides complete solutions on a one-stop shopping basis.

    Our innovative range of screen solutions include:
    - Rear and Front Projection Screens
    - Switchable Smart Glass and Film
    - Interactive Touch Foils
    - Interactive Touch Screens
    - Mirror TV Screens
    - Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Screens
    - LED Perimeter Advertising Systems